b. 21.01.2001
† 17.07.2015

The 17th of July your mother, Zenya, welcomed you with lightning and thunder when you peacefully passed away in our car. I always knew that when your are gone, I will miss you so!!!!

Thank you Vapsu for everything!
Kieferhof's Showy Axim, "Aksu"
b. 9.1.2000
† 17.10.2013

When I 17.10. got a SMS from Anne, I immediately knew what had happened: Aksu had passed away - almost 13 years and 9 months old.

Already in the puppy box, Aksu standed out positively, so when Ilpo and Anne told they are looking for a black male with blonde spots, I did not hesitate.
Ilpo trained with Aksu even though Aksu was quite stubborn. Like his mom, Zenya, Aksu didn't feel that he needed to please his owners. But training gave result!

In dogs shows, Aksu and our K C Bostica, "Vapsu" were triumphant both nationally and internationally. A unforgetable dog show was the NKK's interabtional show in Tromsø, where Aksu became BIS! Naturally we were all very proud of Aksu.

Thank you Aksu for everything and I hope some day to find a female who can give birth to the small "Aksu's" waiting to be born.
Thank you Ilpo and Anne for letting me take Aksu along to shows even though you haven't had the chance to come along. Thank you also for being so patient even though Aksu hasn't been the easiest to deal with...

b. 24.12.1996
† 30.11.2010

Only once in a lifetime can one get a perfect dog like you, Zenya. You were so incredibly smart and alert all the time. Even though I would have done anything to have you a bit longer with us, your time had come to pass away.

Zenya came to us with an airplane from Stockholm together with my cousin Veronica. A few weeks earlier we had been to Irja Fransson to pick out our Zenya from the litter.
Zenya was my first Howavart and I was so proud of her. However, Zenya loved food more than anything else so she stole from the table, the trash can, and even from the children. She kept doing this no matter how much she was punished – nothing could stop Zenya once she got something on her mind. Another thing Zenya loved was running after birds. This quality has funny enough been passed to her descendants, which are many.

We all knew that this summer was the last for Zenya because her back was getting very bad. There were good and bad days but we enjoyed the good ones. Zenya has left a huge void behind her that no one can fill. She left us with many lovely memories such as the title in Best of Breed in Tervakoski in 1998 and her dedication to our family.

THANK YOU Zenya for everything you gave me and our family!
b. 1.3.1996
† 17.11.2010

We got Nette in 1996 when she was only a tiny little lamb. Later, we also got a boy lamb, Nico. Nico and Nette lived in their cottage on our backyard and walked around on our property with our dogs and our children. In 1997 Nette got two black lambs, Anton and Alma.
When Nico died in 2003, we thought that Nette won’t survive by her own. However, we were wrong. Nette became very social and joined us unleashed on the walks with our dogs. She actually seemed to believe she was a dog, since when meeting other sheep, she would rather stay with the dogs than with the other sheep. With the puppies in our household, Nette was very strict and taught them to respect sheep. With the kittens Nette was a bit gentler.
Nette’s favorite place was potten, a pool close to our house, because there she often got tidbits and there were all sorts of flowers to eat. She also liked to pluck mushrooms and berries in the forest.
In the beginning of November we noticed that Nette’s appetite wasn’t as good as normally. We took her to a veterinarian and it turned out that she had water in her stomach. We realized that she hadn’t got too much time left so we took her home because we had made a promise that she would not have to pass away in a strange place. When we got home, she ran up to the cliff behind our house and refused to come down. When the weather got worse and the winter was on its way, we thought that it wasn’t fair to keep her anymore. On Wednesday 17 of November 2010 our beautiful and unique sheep Nette passed away while having a view over the forests where she used walk around. We miss her so and are thankful for getting to have her for such a long time with us. Now she’s buried at potten under a birch.

Thank you Nette for everything!
Honey Bee
b. 5.8.1999
† 29.3.2010

Our dear PiiBi is now in the heaven of dogs together with Zacke. Her back part became so bad that she had to be finished off. PiiBi wanted always to be a very kind and pleasant hoffe-girl.

We miss our Pip-pip!
b. 20.10.1998
† 30.8.2007

Zacke, our first male had cancer in his pancreas. He was a very aktiv dog and also an excellent swimmer. In 2003 Zacke's only offspring were born.

Zacke left us with lots of lovely memories.
b. 9.1.2000
† 27.5.2005

Axi died in a nonmalignant softpartsgrown in her upper mandible and it was impossible to make a surgery. Axi lived with Millo, Bosse, Vicko, and Casper, as well as with the dogs Dali (Bouvier) and Axi's daughter Denya. The whole family miss Axi very much.

Thank you Axi for everything. You were so genuinly happy everytime we met. -Carola