I have been breeding Hovawarts under the name Kieferhof's since 1999. My first Hovawart, Zenya came to us in february 1997. When Zenya came to us I was hoping to get to use her for breeding. Because she had healthy hips and elbows, looked like a Hovie, and also was mentally stable, I applied for a kennel name. I had already passed the basic course for breeders a couple of years earlier.

My surname is Furu (Swedish name for pine tree) and our house is surrounded by pine trees. Because of this I wanted a kennel name that would be suited for this. Kiefer and hof are German for pine tree and estate, respectively, and Hovawart is an old German breed originally used as an estate guard dog - hence the name Kieferhof.
Kieferhof's litters

A09.01.2000Hoffen-Haus FramboiseHofwaline's Dark Whazenya
B21.01.2001Artos von OstangelnHofwaline's Dark Whazenya
C26.08.2002Su-Ja UsackHofwaline's Dark Whazenya
D04.04.2003Hoffen-Haus IsebearKieferhof's Chick Axilla
E25.11.2004Gejsinglund's VefterKieferhof's Chick Axilla
F05.05.2006Hoffilove's IronmanKieferhof's Chick Coiscoli
G30.07.2009Hofmarien Famous FogDamirazin Ainutlaatuinen
H20.10 2009Huvimetsän CasimiirKieferhof´s Chick Fenja
I23.05.2011Bullit vom Dünsener BachDamirazin Ainutlaatuinen
J05.02.2013Stelmo's IcemanDamirazin Ainutlaatuinen
K29.01.2016Hofmacher MorrisKieferhof's Chick Inzana
L07.12.2016Stelmo's JunoChefka's I Kissed A Girl

Gender distribution
Unforgetable moments through the years

Axim in Tromsø Kieferhofs Showy Axim BIS in Tromsø, 18.-19.10.2003

Kieferhofs Showy Axim, "Aksu" came best in show in Tromsø, Norway (judge was Elke Peper, Germany). Aksu lives with Anne and Ilpo Orava in Piikkiö. About the show on NKK's web page.
Tervakoski 2006 Tervakoski 2006

Kieferhof's came 3rd in the breeders' class.
Tervakoski 2007 Tervakoski 2007

Kieferhof's came 2nd in the breeders' class.
World dog show 2008 World dog show 2008, Stockholm

Kieferhof's won the breeders' class.
Tervakoski 2008 Tervakoski 2008

Kieferhof's won the breeders' class.