I have been breeding Norwegian forrest cats under the name Bifrost's since 1994. My first Norwegian forrest cat, Mingo came to us in 1993.

When I started searching for a cattery name, it was important that it somehow reflected the fact that Norwegian forrest cat is a nordic breed. That's why I turned to the Norse mythology, where Bifrost was a rainbow bridge between Midgard, the world, and Asgard, the realm of the gods. A rainbow is something positive and beautiful, so what would be a better cattery name for breeding genuine weegies than the name of a rainbow?
Bifrost's litters

The Robber´s daughter03.07.1995Yothu Yindi Felis AudaxAnkkalinnan SnowWhite
Topelius25.06.1998Bifrost's TjeggeGilrain Felis Audax
Chocolate11.07.1999Bifrost's TjeggeGilrain Felis Audax
Very Expensive19.11.2003Dunderkattens Gatto NegroBifrost´s Adelmina
Philosophy19.05.2005Dunderkattens UlrikBifrost´s Very Expensive
Walt Disney26.03.2006Liljans BigglesBifrost´s Very Expensive
City20.07.2006Dunderkattens BeliBifrost´s Esmeralda

Gender distribution