● b. 13.6.1993
● † 19.03.2004

● 1 litter, 4 kittens
Robber's Daughter

● Titles

● NFO w

Ankkalinnan SnowWhite, "Mingo"
Mingo was the progenitor of our cattery. When we got her from Jarkko and Teija she was like a snowball, and so white. In 1995 she was covered with CH Yothu Yindi Felis Audax in Denmark. This resulted in "The Robber´s daughter" litter with only boys.
Mingo was a very special cat. She was deaf, but still got along well with our dogs and other cats. Also with humans Mingo got along well: when she saw that somebody was talking to her, she replied with a mew. She even understood some sign language. It is said that a white cat, is what a Rolls-Royce is amongst cars...
If Mingo was sleeping and woke up realizing she was alone, she started to scream so loud that the whole house woke up.