b. 1.3.1996
† 17.11.2010

We got Nette in 1996 when she was only a tiny little lamb. Later, we also got a boy lamb, Nico. Nico and Nette lived in their cottage on our backyard and walked around on our property with our dogs and our children. In 1997 Nette got two black lambs, Anton and Alma.
When Nico died in 2003, we thought that Nette won’t survive by her own. However, we were wrong. Nette became very social and joined us unleashed on the walks with our dogs. She actually seemed to believe she was a dog, since when meeting other sheep, she would rather stay with the dogs than with the other sheep. With the puppies in our household, Nette was very strict and taught them to respect sheep. With the kittens Nette was a bit gentler.
Nette’s favorite place was potten, a pool close to our house, because there she often got tidbits and there were all sorts of flowers to eat. She also liked to pluck mushrooms and berries in the forest.
In the beginning of November we noticed that Nette’s appetite wasn’t as good as normally. We took her to a veterinarian and it turned out that she had water in her stomach. We realized that she hadn’t got too much time left so we took her home because we had made a promise that she would not have to pass away in a strange place. When we got home, she ran up to the cliff behind our house and refused to come down. When the weather got worse and the winter was on its way, we thought that it wasn’t fair to keep her anymore. On Wednesday 17 of November 2010 our beautiful and unique sheep Nette passed away while having a view over the forests where she used walk around. We miss her so and are thankful for getting to have her for such a long time with us. Now she’s buried at potten under a birch.

Thank you Nette for everything!
b. 30.06.1991
† 22.10.2009

Our dear Amanda, 18¼ years old, is now in the heaven of cats. We miss her so and so does all of her friends and admirers in Nevas golf.

We miss you so Amanda!
b. 19.02.2008
† 18.7.2009

Our dear pet Yoccis is now in the heaven of cats. How could we believe that we could have you only for 1 year and 2 months when we picked you up from Monica.
You were so full of life and the old cats sometimes sighed deeply when you ran past them with a toy mouse in your mouth, which you had just picked up. And how you dangled in the climbing frame we had bought just for you. Now it is empty - none of the other cats bothers to climb on it and no one plays with all the toys we have brought to you.
Thousands of tears have been shed when we have been waiting for you to show up. Now we have got you home and you rest beside Mishca.
b. 2.8.1988
† 1.7.2009

Our beloved cat mother is now in the heaven of cats. She reached an age of 20 years, 10 months, and 29 days.

We miss you so Mishca!
b. 3.7.1995
† 14.10.2007

b. 25.6.1998
† 10.12.2006

b. 13.6.1993
† 19.03.2004