A-litter 1.12.2018

Upcoming litter! More pictures in the blog.
M-litter 13.09.2017 Kieferhof´s M-litter is born

More pictures in the blog.
Murska Siiri 13.08.2017 Upcoming litter

BH Kieferhof´s Chick Janis Joplin "Siiri" and Hayaklause Icebreaker, "Murska" will have puppies around 16.09.2017.

Both dogs are very open and happy dogs that love their family and pack more than anything else. Contact me and I'll tell more. Carola +385-50-5973260

The combination in KoiraNet
30.07.2017 Tervakoski

Open class
Kieferhof´s Showy Janosik, "Jappe":AVO-ERI, SA
Kieferhof´s Chick Ingrassia, "Bebe":AVO-EH
Puppy class 7-9 months
Kieferhof´s Showy Lumière, "Aatu":25, KP
Kieferhof´s Showy Lumos, "Loki":PEK 3, KP

L-litter Loki Aatu Bebe Jappe
Nette 30.07.2017 Birthday!

G-litter is 8 years old.
Wilda 02.06.2017 Birthday!

Congratulations Wilda 3 years!

Thanks Elina ja Arto Kylmälä for our fine Toller!
Siiri 25.05.2017 Kieferhof´s Chick Janis Joplin, "Siiri"

20.05.2017 Helsinki, Judge: Peter Machetanz:AVO-ERI, AVK2, PN3, SA, VASERT
25.05.2017 Vantaa, Judge: Juha Putkonen:AVO-ERI, AVK2, PN3, SA, VASERT
Lotta 23.05.2017 Birthday!

Congratulations Kieferhof´s I-litter and our "Lotta" Kieferhof´s Chick Inzana on your 6th birthday!
Lady 20.05.2017 Helsinki

Judge: Margret Möller-Sieber

Maplefox Lady Lambada, "Lady":AVO-ERI, AVK1, PN1, SA, ROP, CAC, CACIB
Dusty 20.05.2017 Birthday!

BH Cayora's Can I Eat the Duck, "Dusty", is 3 years old.
Stella 14.05.2017 Lahti

Judge: Anca Giura

Kieferhof´s Chick Katniss, "Stella":JUN-ERI, JUK2, PN4, SA
Venla 05.05.2017 Birthday!

K-litter turnes 11.
Loppan 03.04.2017 † Damirazin Ainutlaatuinen, "Loppan"

Damirazin Ainutlaatuinen, "Loppan", 17.8.2006-3.4.2017

Thank you Loppan for everything!
26.02.2017 Planned litter

A litter with Kieferhof´s Chick Janis Joplin is planned for the end of summer 2017.
26.02.2017 L-litter

All whelps in L-litter have found a home and moved out.
J-litter 05.02.2017 Birthday!

Congratulations to J-litter on your 4th birthday!
L-litter L-litter 01.02.2017 L-litter

Two black boys are still looking for a home.
K-litter 29.01.2017 Birthday!

K-litter is one year old. Congratulations!