The following fees (including 24% VAT) are valid starting the 1st of April 2022.
Large breeds
e.g. Hovawart, German shepherd, Grand danoise
Medium size breeds
e.g. Golden retriever, Boxer
Smaller breeds
e.g. Beagle, Yorkshere terrier
For additional dogs (second, third, ...) coming from the same family and staying in the same room, the fee is 14 €/day/dog.
The fee includes the same sort of food that the dog is used to eat at home. I have lots of different sorts of food and if I do not happen to have the exact food your dog is used to eat, then I will purchase it. BARF and certain special foods that can be purchased only at the veterinarian make an exception - if the food that your dog eats fall into either of these categories, then you have to bring it yourself.
The dogs are taken for a walk in a leash 3 times per day. Next to the boarding house there is a fenced exercise yard where dogs may walk around unleashed.
In case the dog requires medication, there is nothing preventing the dog from staying with us but the medicines are not included in the fee. However, if the medication causes some special measures (like medication during night-time), the fee is case-specific.
In case check in or check out is outside opening hours (see opening hours), 50 € is added to the fee.
New customers are required to pay a remittance at the time of booking of either a long care period or a care period over Christmas or some other popular holiday. For more information about this when the booking is made.
The care period should be kept to about 4 weeks at maximum. If a longer period is necessary, then I suggest that part of the time a friend takes care of the dog. Of course, if this is not possible, then we take care of the dog the whole time.
Carowart is not a dog daycare. If you only need daycare for your dog, there are pet hotels specifically concentrated on that. Carowart is at your service when you need other than daycare for your dog.
Carowart takes care of healthy dogs only. In case your dog gets sick just before the care period, we hope you contact us as soon as possible. This holds also in case the dog has diarrhoea.