Before bringing your dog, please notice the following to ensure a pleasant stay for our guest.
We CANNOT take care of bitches in heat.
Check in and check out time is on working days between 07:00 - 19:00 and on weekends and holidays between 09:00 - 19:00 as agreed upon. Please notice that the exact time of your arrival has to be advised in advance, ALWAYS (contacts). Besides this, always remember to call me or send me a SMS message BEFORE you arrive. Otherwise, we are not responsible of damage caused by unleashed dogs on the property.
Please bring with you something that will remind the dog of its home, e.g. the dog's blanket or a toy.
Do not bring your own leash or dishes with you. If you still want to bring these items, please mark them properly. Otherwise they are not going to be returned to you (several leashes of my own have been lost this way).
When you come to us, please do not let your pets out of the car before a member of the household is present. This because most likely we have dogs outdoors and they might be unleashed.
You can come for a familiarization visit before the care period but only when appointed and when there are not many guests in the boarding house. This is to prevent the boarding house guests from getting restless and to maintain calm at the boarding house.
Questions & answers

Why is it so important to advice in advance when I will arrive with the dog? Why can't we just set a time when the booking is made?

In a perfect world this would work. However, because it is possible that I forget the time agreed upon (even though I write them down) and that something unexpected comes up that will postpone your arrival, it is better that you let me know when you will arrive. This way we can make sure that someone is here to receive our guest and that there are no unleashed dogs walking around. Note that normally we let our dogs walk around unleashed and in case you haven't advised what time you will arrive, we take no responsibility of possible damage caused by unleashed dogs on our property.
Is it necessary to visit us with your dog before the first care here?

No, it's not! However, if your dog is a bit insecure, then I recommend that you come for a visit so that the dog gets to see me and also gets a little familiar with the place. I have noticed that on the second time the dog feels much stronger about itself. On the other hand, if you have a confident dog that has been here before, then there is no need for this "excursion".
What should I bring with me besides the dog?

It is good to bring something that reminds the dog of its home, such as the dog's blanket or a toy. There are also dogs that preferably sleep on the floor, in which case there is no need to bring a blanket.

A leash or dishes should not be brought.
What kind of food does the dog get?

Your dog gets the same sort of food that it is used to eat at home. I have lots of different sorts of food and if I do not happen to have the exact food your dog is used to eat, then I will purchase it. If the dog eats some special food that can be purchased only at the veterinarian, then the owner of the dog should bring the food with the dog. The same goes for dogs that eat BARF. The reason for this is that special food is commonly sold in such large packages that it is not worth for me to buy it.
Dogs that are on medication

There is nothing preventing the dog from staying with us in case the dog requires medication during its stay.
How are the dogs taken for a walk?

The dogs are taken for a walk in leashes. There is an exercise yard for dogs that are not used to walk in a leash, but most of the dogs are taken for a walk 3 times per day. I have noticed that their stomach works better when they get a bit exercise.
Does the dogs come in contact with other dogs?

The dogs that are used to other dogs and enjoy it, gets to be together with similar dogs. All dogs don't like company and these dogs are kept aside and do not come in contact with other dogs.
Is it okay for a family member or a friend to visit the dog during the care period?

I recommend not. The dog becomes delighted only for a moment to be abandoned again.
How should I do when I bring the dog for care?

The best way to leave a dog for care is that I (or someone else) take the dog and walk away from its owners, not the other way around. If you want to follow the dog inside, you should not stay behind the door and feel sorry for the dog but instead just say "Wait here, I'll be right back".
Can I bring my dog for a longer period?

The longest care period so far is 7 weeks. This is possible but I don't think it is fair against the dog. It doesn't matter how much attention I give to the dog or how long walks we take, it still doesn't win the time at home. Because of this I suggest that longer periods are split between our boarding house and a friend, relative or neighbour of yours. If this is not possible, the dog can of course be here the whole time.